American Gothic Daily is the story of two people who really shouldn’t be together. Luke Whitson is the second heir in line to the Southern European Vampire Kingdom. His father Silvanus (aka Steve) wants to retire the crown but the first born heir Marie is slowly going mad. Luke is just air headed and he knows it. He has many clever ideas, but not the makings of a politician or ruler.

Millia Forrest is an illegitimate descendant of Methuselah Bryant. Meth is a general of the Witch Army, set out to be day hunters of the vampires. Millia was raised away from the Secret Cities and is untrained and uneducated in the ways of the day hunters. As I like to say, she couldn’t spell cast her way out of a paper bag.

Millia and Luke could be an effective team if they could just get their acts together and learn a few things. They have difficulties trusting each other, accepting each other’s faults and promoting each other’s strengths. Like real life couples, they often don’t see the bigger picture until the very end. As they grow and mature as a couple, they learn to rely on each other and discover that it’s not the magic that counts, its the love.

About the Author:
“Aggie Janicot” is a school teacher and cannot write under her real name because teachers are not supposed to write romantic smut, draw boobs or have a life. They’re not allowed to be Wiccan, believe in Goddesses or see faeries. She is married and has a family. Woo Woo.

The webcomic started out as a Nanowrimo romance novel that was never published. It sucked pretty bad but made a good comic script. The entire story has been planned and written, delivered as a giant graphic novel with no chapters or story arcs. Once AGD is finished, a second novel idea may be developed… we’ll see. Others are encouraged to use the AGD universe if they like. Just ask.