2018 has been a total suck year. Earlier this spring I tore up the meniscus in my left knee, accelerating cartilage issues and becoming unable to bear weight on the leg.

Knee surgery has helped some, but now 8 months later I’m still having difficulty walking. All this time in wheelchairs, crutches and now a walker, has forced me to work on my artwork instead of my “normal job”.  So…. I’ve had time for American Gothic Daily once again in my life.

I’m no long in university, I’m no longer teaching full time in a school and I’m no longer working on my master’s program–three things that forced me to put AGD on hold.

So October and November have seen more updates than the whole rest of the year.

Updates are being uploaded on their ORIGINAL release date– which means that the entire archive is being rebuilt, page by page.  Soon I will be at a spot where I can bulk load the last 200 pages and start on NEW CHAPTERS to finish the story.  I’m getting excited about AGD!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!  It will be good to finish it up, and maybe work on new adventures for Luke and Millia!!

Sincerely, Aggie Janicot, Witch and Mary-Sue Writer