American Gothic Daily started out in 2006 as a hobby project while I was in university.  It started out being drawn in ball point pen on white inkjet paper, scanned in and then bubbled and text in Corel Photopaint.  I had very little idea how the programs worked and eventually I moved to copic markers and other media. I’ve done AGD in India ink, with pens, brushes, all sorts of different media to figure out what I was good at.


The only saving grace it had was that it updated daily.  I often did five pages at a time in an assembly line to make that work.



Over time, I started other projects and lost interest in this one. Sometimes I would get mad at it and go back and fix things.  In 2013 I started an AGD Reboot, but that stopped due to health problems. I was later diagnosed with Anemia and hopefully now can get back on track with it.  It’s been 10 years.. time to wrap it up.