One of the things I hated about this older image is that it didn’t quite portray Meth as young as I wanted him to be. Methuselah Bryant comes from the Methuselah line of witches, where they all have the first name of Methuselah and the second name is their own name- thus, he would be known as Bryant, but he calls himself Meth.  The Cookeville/Crossville Tennessee area is known as the Meth Capital of the South. The two cities are positioned on Interstate 40 between the cities of Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. Meth is produced in the mountains outside the two towns where it’s difficult to police it, then brought down to the interstate to be shipped all over the US.

When I lived in the area, students reeked of cat piss, a smell that comes from making meth indoors. When driving through the mountains for pleasure, you often saw burned out caravans and trailers abandoned along side the road– used as one time use labs and then set on fire and abandoned due to the poison that soaks into the walls. Once shake and bake came on the scene, makers would produce it in the back of their trucks in the open air and dump the chemical bottles along side the road as they drove away.