The original was done with pen on paper and copic markers and some India ink washes. As I remember it, the paper was no more than American letter size.  The warm and cool tones are hideous, but I think I had to do that because I ran out of the warmer markers. Or maybe I was experimenting. Who knows. That was over 10 years ago.

The house you see in American Gothic Daily is patterned off the actual house I lived in during my time in Tennessee. It was a 2X4 frame home with thick oak planking cut in strips on the outside. The oak was cut from the land itself and taken down to the local saw mill- a cheap solution for many Tennesseans. It was a great little hillbilly house, except for the carpenter bees who loved to dig holes in it and make nests. Every summer we battled them and nearly nothing killed them. Borax was shoved in the holes, and they would just make new holes to go through. Sometimes you could hear them buzzing in the walls.